Teach his dog the command to “lie down”

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and “lying down” is to teach his dog as soon as possible after the sequence of “sitting” is completely assimilated. Why and how?


why teach him the order of “bed rest”? Before learning the “sleeper” command, there are some tips that “sleeper” is one of the basic commands of dog education. This is one of the first commands to be absorbed by the dog, because this posture is necessary in all cases. Although it involves the dog’s natural posture, it is not always keen on bending.

however, its learning is relatively easy and fast. A few weeks may be enough for the animal to get it completely. How to do this? Here are some tips and methods to do this… Why did

teach him the order of “lying down”?

supine posture, that is, the dog’s prone and supine posture, corresponds to the dog’s normal posture. However, unlike the more neutral sitting posture, it is an inferior and obedient posture.

when sleeping, the dog accepts that it is lower in rank than the individual facing it. When you put him to bed, you are sure that you are your master, and your animal shows that he has accepted this state. Keeping control is especially useful when dogs are excited or behave badly.

getting dogs used to sleeping is also a safety measure, especially when driving. Finally, the supine position is the initial position to take when learning other exercises, such as tumbling.

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. Of course, you need to be patient and understand your dog in the process of learning. Screaming is useless. It doesn’t speed things up. On the contrary. Screaming will only bring pressure to animals, make them lose their desire to learn, and connect exercise with unpleasant things.


also avoid prolonging training time. Choose a course of about 10 to 15 minutes a day, no more than. If you don’t do this, your dog may get bored and won’t accept it anymore.

finally, put all the essential things in learning on candy (dog food or biscuits) in a pleasant tone.

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” Steps to learn the “lie down” sequence: face your dog, let him sit down and give him a candy a few inches from his nose. Put your hands on the ground and make it move with attractive candy. When he lies down completely, while moving, clearly say the command of “lie down” (the rear wheel is also down, not in the air), give him candy and congratulate him on repeating it about 10 times. You can practice one or two times a day after two weeks and repeat the exercise without showing her candy from the beginning. Guide him with your fingers and voice, and then give him croquet after the command is correctly executed. Keep doing this for a week, and then do it again to remove the candy. Your dog only needs to obey voca’s orders

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