US President Joe Biden’s dog back at the White House

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden / Instagram

Major has indeed returned to the White House, as has his congener and the presidential couple. The German Shepherd, who had bitten a staff member at the president’s residence, is back in Washington after being taken care of by an educator.” After a short stay at the family estate in Wilmington, Delaware, Major, Champ and their masters returned to the White House, as CNN reported on Wednesday.

We had recently mentioned the imminent return of the 2 German Shepherds to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the youngest having been involved in a bite incident on a person working at the residence of the President of the United States.”

Major was treated to several dog training sessions with a professional after this episode.” White House spokesman Jen Psaki said yesterday that the quadruped duo joined their masters at Camp David — the president’s official vacation — before accompanying them to Washington DC on Sunday.

” This will not be the last stay in Delaware for dogs and the presidential couple

She added that Major and Champ will continue to make the round trip between the White House and the Bidens’ private property: It will not be uncommon for [dogs] to return to Delaware on occasion, as the president and first lady often do.”

Previously, Jen Psaki had explained that German Shepherds needed time to get used to their new environment. Major had been surprised by an unknown person and his reaction had caused him a minor injury, according to the presidential spokeswoman.

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For his part, Joe Biden had assured, in an interview with ABC, that the departure of the dogs in Delaware was not related to the incident. It was planned long before it happened, because the president and his wife were planning a trip.”

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