He shoots a woman because he couldn’t stand the barking of his dog

Rue de la Barre (Google Street View screenshot)

In Dieppe, a sexagenarian who was walking her dog in the street had to be hospitalized after receiving a shot from a hunting weapon in the leg. The shooter had acted from his window, claiming that the barking of the quadruped disturbed him. He was taken into custody.

It was around 6 p.m. this Sunday evening (January 19, 2020), rue de la Barre in Dieppe , in Seine-Maritime. A 66-year-old woman was walking down this route when her dog started barking . A resident , saying he was exasperated by the noise , then called out to the lady from his window, but he did not stop there.

As reported by Les Informations Dieppoises , in fact, the man went to look for his hunting weapon, a pellet rifle . He used it to shoot the dog’s owner, who he hit in the thigh .

She had to be transported to the Dieppe hospital center , located less than a kilometer from the scene of the incident.

The person who shot him is a 42-year-old man . His act led to him being placed in police custody .

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Anyone found guilty of assault and battery resulting in injuries is liable to a penalty ranging from a fine of 1,500 euros (if the victim has obtained a total incapacity for work of 8 days or less) to 10 years in prison and 150,000 euros in fine (in case of dismemberment or permanent infirmity). For this kind of offense, the use of a weapon is an aggravating circumstance .

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