20 photos of Irish Wolfhounds that will wow you with their size

The owners of Irish Wolfhounds are happy to share their photos on the web. As can be seen in this selection.

Irish Wolfhounds, also known as the Irish Wolfhound, are large dogs. They are sociable, love children and their families, but also need to exercise in the great outdoors. Their owners testify to their touching attitude despite their large size.

Here are 20 pictures of Irish Wolfhounds in all their forms.

1. This long-haired, white dog only has eyes for his owner’s grandmother.

2. Sunday afternoons are spent as lazily as possible

4. This kitten feels very safe surrounded by his friends, the fellows.

5. Eating is not always easy when an Irish Wolfhound takes a nap on your plate

6. The Chihuahua and the Irish Wolfhound are totally fans of their owner

7. The time has come for this granny to cook for the crowd of Irish Wolfhounds who live in her house.

8. Fortunately there is not just one sofa

9. This Irish Wolfhound wants to be the star of the picture

10. A large family

11. Walks in the park are very well guarded by the Irish Wolfhound who can see into the distance if a threat creeps in.

12. This puppy is quietly lying on the back of his big friend

13. Like an old grandpa, this Irish Wolfhound walks with his woolen blanket in winter because he is chilly

14. The Irish Wolfhound has a great need to exercise and exercise outdoors in order to be at his best, both physically and mentally.

15. They love children who love them back

16. Obviously, the Irish Wolfhounds think they are tiny

17. A great way to save space

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18. Or to keep his guard post

19. An element of comparison in order to properly measure the size of this breed

20. This little girl is delighted to have an Irish Wolfhound for her best friend.


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