Are you sure you are providing your dog with the right nutritional balance? Find out how to get there!

The dog’s diet is governed by fundamental principles, including that of the balance of nutrient intake. On its respect depends, in large part, the health of the animal and its well-being. Alongside the essential fresh meat for our beloved omnivores, other nutrients must be present in its menu, in very specific proportions.

It is not enough to give your dog sufficient food to meet his needs and ensure his well-being. Quality is essential, as is the balance of nutritional intake, knowing that he is an omnivorous animal.

In general terms, the intake is the same for all dogs, but with variations to be observed to adapt the diet to the profile of each canine.

The needs of the puppy, for example, are very specific; vitamin E and DHA are among the nutrients to be favored for the development of its neurological functions and its natural defenses. Fat, calories and protein are equally important for the growing young dog.

The senior dog, on the other hand, demands special attention when it comes to his kidney, heart and joint health. In this way, care is taken to reduce the intake of phosphorus and sodium in particular, while maintaining the balance between vitamins and minerals.

The diet of the elderly dog must also provide him with antioxidants to relieve his less functional joints, through ingredients that are rich, such as blueberries for example.

Ensure a balanced nutritional intake

The health of the dog depends on what he eats and the dosage of each nutrient. Excesses are as detrimental to it as deficiencies. The animal needs balanced intake of:


The dog’s body cannot do without protein, the quality of which is crucial. Amino acids are essential for muscles, tissues, bones and cells. They are also important for the dog’s immune system.

The main source of protein for the latter is meat, which should be as fresh as possible.


  • The role of vitamin A is essential for the vision of the canine or the development of its bones and teeth.
  • The B vitamins are important for the good condition of the hair, skin and claws, as well as for energy and cellular metabolisms.
  • Vitamins C and E have a protective and antioxidant function.
  • Vitamin D is essential for bone health and growth.
  • Vitamin K is involved in the process of blood clotting.

Fruits and vegetables such as mango, apple, strawberry or carrot are naturally rich in vitamins.


Fat is involved, among other things, in heart, joint and nervous health and the absorption of vitamins. They also provide energy.

Among the sources to be favored, let us quote fish oils (salmon …) and vegetable oils (sunflower), generous in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.


Dogs also get their energy from carbohydrates, which are also involved in supporting digestion through fiber and brain activity. Here again, the notion of balance is fundamental, since any excess leads to serious disorders, including overweight.

Vegetables and tubers are great sources of carbohydrates for dogs.


Provided by fruits and vegetables, minerals are essential for the dog. Calcium is essential for bones and teeth, phosphorus for brain and energetic development, magnesium for the nervous system. These are just a few of the necessary minerals, but their mere presence in a dog’s diet is not enough.

They must be provided in a balanced manner and in well-defined relationships. The phosphocalcic ratio (phosphorus and calcium), for example, is an aspect to which great attention should be paid.

Developing a balanced diet for the dog

To ensure this balanced diet for your dog, pet owners are sometimes overwhelmed by the size of the offer and it is difficult to know how to choose. Fortunately, players in the dog and cat food sector such as Edgard & Cooper know the importance of all these nutrients, their balance for the health of the animal and have made them their priority.

The brand takes it into account in the development of dog food, whatever its stage of life: puppy, adult, senior. Its recipes based on natural ingredients are resolutely focused on nutritional balance, as well as quality, healthy character (no addition of flour, dehydrated ingredients, cereals, etc.) and taste.

The brand’s meals, treats and dental sticks are composed according to very precise dosages of ingredients so that the dog receives all the nutrients that his body requires, in the recommended amounts.

Edgard & Cooper relies only on meats that are always fresh and tasty, without any animal flour, to please the dog while providing him with quality proteins: beef, chicken, turkey and lamb …

Meats chosen for both their freshness and their palatability, from animals treated in optimal conditions (chicken raised in the open air, lamb fed on grass, turkey raised in the wild …).

The brand selects vegetables with care and favors slow cooking at low temperature of its croquettes, in order to preserve the nutrients of said vegetables and other ingredients.

She also made the choice of a grain-free diet, used elsewhere as a source of carbohydrates, in order to respect the dog’s natural needs. Cereals which can also be the cause of allergies in a growing number of canines.

All of these are important and necessary for your pet’s food balance. At Woopets, we are pleased to be able to highlight manufacturers of dog food, pâtés and treats who have become aware of this issue. In addition, for having tested them, our dogs love their taste; it is difficult for them to resist the variety of flavors offered by the brand.

By their composition and manufacture, they are products related to animal health. So why not combine business with pleasure?

Edgard & Cooper products are also available on the brand’s official website, but also in stores near you.

A commitment to the welfare of animals in need and the environment

Edgard & Cooper is also an ongoing commitment to the environment and the well-being of animals in need. The kibbles are available in biodegradable bags made from plant material, the wet foods in recyclable metal boxes and trays. Here is one of the flagship examples of the brand in its commitment and its ecological approach.

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On a charitable level and through its Edgard & Cooper foundation, it supports veterinary clinics and structures participating in improving the welfare of animals in difficulty.

The Foundation thus financed the modernization and improvement of the facilities of The Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka. Since the end of 2020, she has been supporting the Mayhew International association in its intensive vaccination and awareness campaign in Kabul . The goal of this program is to eradicate rabies and help change the nature of the human-dog relationship in the Afghan capital.

Finally, we let you discover the nice TV spot of Edgard & Cooper:


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