YouCare, the charity search engine, has reached one million meals offered to shelter animals

Illustration : "YouCare, le moteur de recherche caritatif, a atteint le million de repas offerts aux animaux des refuges" © YouCare

3 years after its launch, YouCare has passed the highly symbolic milestone of one million meals offered to shelter animals. The charitable search engine created by a French start-up is multiplying actions in favor of animals in distress.”

YouCare continues to progress. The charitable search engine now has 130,000 users and totals more than 4.5 million searches per month. This allowed him to cross the one million meal mark offered to shelter animals in early May.”

Launched in the spring of 2018 by French startuppers, YouCare dedicates its advertising funds, generated as you search this search engine, to associations and shelters that welcome and help dogs, cats and other animals in difficulty.”

In practice, a meal is offered to an animal every 45 searches on YouCare. Thus, more than 280 independent partner shelters have received donations obtained through this solidarity system.”

International charitable actions, for animal welfare and the environment

YouCare, these are also actions for the benefit of wild animals, like the one that saved Kasya, a female dolphin locked in a bankrupt dolphinarium in Iran.”

In addition, YouCare organizes every year the #CroquetteChallenge donation campaign to boost contributions to animal care facilities. Woopets is also in 1st position in the ranking of the best communities that have brought the most meals.”

YouCare was created with the aim of allowing everyone to participate, in a concrete way, in different causes in favor of animal welfare, the environment and humanity: support for shelters, animals in distress, reforestation, protection of the oceans, help for disadvantaged populations, medical research against cancer…

YouCare offers its users to choose one of the 7 good deeds that are:

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1 search = 5 grams of plastic removed from the oceans 1 search = 3 cm² of coral reefs planted 45 searches = 1 meal offered to shelter animals 1 research = 7 liters of drinking water offered to disadvantaged populations 45 research = 1 tree planted where the planet needs it most 45 searches = 10 seconds of medical research against cancer 45 research = 1 hour of schooling funded to a disadvantaged child

Go to the site to start doing your first carritative research!”

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