Abandoned in the mountains, a puppy meets the cyclist who changes his life!

Passionate about cycling, Damian never loses an opportunity to go for a bike ride. This Argentinian recently had the good fortune to meet an abandoned puppy in the countryside. It did not take too much force to move the man who is also passionate about animals. He took him home, took him to a vet, and then arranged for him to be adopted. A beautiful story that could have gone wrong …

It was a sunny day. A perfect day for Damian to go and satisfy his workout . He, a cross-country enthusiast, got on his bike and set off for the paths of his beautiful country, Argentina . This apparently classic training session did not end as he expected.

An abandoned puppy who won a bike ride

On his way, he met an animal , lost in the middle of nature. A little dog moving the grass along the path. At first, Damian didn’t stop. And then, his curiosity mingled with his passion for animals took over. Turn around and head for the waiting canine. A dog who quickly began to show his happiness at having been found. There was no doubt that he had been abandoned . Damian had arrived on time.

The puppy, christened Juanita , won the right to accompany the athlete on his bicycle . It was one more rescue for a man experienced in this exercise. According to The Dodo, Damian had already carried out a dozen rescues in the past.

The bitch is happy in her new family

He knew exactly how to do it. First, a detour to the vet , for a complete assessment . It didn’t reveal anything serious except the presence of ticks . Then, Damien had decided to publish on the Internet his walk which had turned into a rescue.

Soon, the man received requests for adoption. He found the perfect family . “ Yes, Juanita was adopted, ” confirms Damian , who specifies: “ She is happy in her new home . He especially hopes that his story will prevent the abandonment of other puppies on the sides of the road. Because, without a happy coincidence, their lives are hanging by a thread. Juanita ‘s held on.

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