Natural dog food

Illustration : "Les friandises naturelles pour chien"

when you have a dog, food is essential in many ways. As an educational tool or simple hospitality, they play a key role in the relationship between animals and their owners. Natural dog food is a substitute for industrial products, and some additives of industrial products are considered to be the causes of various health problems.


dog food brief overview of the role of

dog food. What are the natural ingredients of these foods? For some examples of natural

dog candy, in addition to the things it eats in its fish tank every day (croquet, homemade rations, pie, etc.), dogs sometimes get candy for various reasons: reward, simply please it, Learn new order, etc. if you choose natural food for your limb partner, it’s a pity if you choose foods of different quality to break this logic. What are the characteristics of natural dog food? Brief role overview of

dog food

reminds you that dog food plays a variety of roles in dogs’ daily life. These candies are as delicious as children’s candies, but their functions are beyond their scope.


candies also reward dogs for obeying or acting in the expected way. It is used as part of active education: dogs perform orders and receive biscuits, Croquets or other types of food.

they also help to strengthen the connection and collusion between animals and their owners. However, it should not be forgotten that candy should only be provided occasionally and carefully. Otherwise, their value to dogs will be reduced, so they will not produce the expected results, especially in education. But the danger is that this excess food will lead to bad eating habits and obesity, which is the root of many health problems Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the natural characteristics of these foods?

is different from traditional industrial food. Natural food is usually found in the field and has little or no treatment before it is put on the market. It can be a pig ear, just cooked or dried, without adding any preservatives or flavor enhancers. It can also be a piece of antler, not taken directly from the antler, but collected after the deer lost its branches.

however, it should be remembered that the food of natural dogs is not necessarily organic, which also applies to food. In order to display the organic label, the product must be manufactured in accordance with the specifications established by the official certification body. In particular, it must be based on plant ingredients from organic agriculture and animal derived foods from organic farms.

some examples of natural dog food

biscuits, biscuits, sticks, crisp mouths, Dumplings… There are various forms of natural dog food.

can also be read: recipe ideas for dog food and biscuits

can also be regarded as chewing bones, raw or very slightly cooked as food. They are often fed to dogs, not only to keep dogs busy and enjoy, but also for dogs.In addition, you can give your dog raw (dry) or cooked animal pieces without adding any food: pig ears or grunts, sheep ears, buffalo horns, antlers, bovine nerves, Dried fish, beef lungs… Your pet will ask you again! Of course, you must remain rational and give him only a limited number. “

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