To wake up his deaf and blind dog, this man has set up a moving routine

The young man knew that caring for a deaf and blind dog was going to be complicated, but he did not back down in the face of the challenge. The animal gives him back a hundredfold every day by giving him love without counting. This scene where he wakes him up gives a glimpse of the wonderful bond between them.

Plum is an Australian Shepherd dog with albinism . This peculiarity does not stop at a pigmentation defect, the quadruped having the entirely white coat in this case, but is often accompanied by other anomalies. In Plum’s case, it’s deafness and almost total blindness , as the Animal Channel recounts.

Although he was a little worried at first, not knowing if he was going to be able to handle the situation, Aiden Michael Mann , who works as a veterinary assistant , still accepted the challenge and formalized the adoption of the bitch.

The latter needed time to adjust to her new surroundings and find her bearings, but thanks to her foster dad and her other dog, a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross called Lola , Plum ended up making a good place for herself. within the family.

Aiden Michael Mann taught him to obey and follow him by relying on tactile contact. So, for Plum to sit , for example, he touches her under the chin. If he wants her to follow him, he gently directs his muzzle in the desired direction.

He also set up a little ritual to wake her up without scaring her , as shown in the video below posted on his Instagram account. While she is sleeping, he slowly approaches her and blows on her. Then follows a huge hug testifying to the tenderness they have for each other.


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