Stabbed in the head to save his master, a dog miraculously survives

Duke the dog is not only a hero, but he is also a true survivor. To stay alive after having had a knife stuck in the skull is, in fact, a miracle.

Duke’s story proves how loyal , resilient, and willing our dogs are to protect us.

Duke is a 4 year old German Shepherd who lives in South Africa with his owner Gino Wensel . In early February, the 40-year-old was walking his dog when an individual holding a knife approached. Perceiving the danger , Duke began to growl at him, to which the assailant immediately reacted by planting his knife in the head of the quadruped. Despite the terrible injury , Duke continued to cope , but eventually collapsed .

Without wasting a moment, Gino Wensel took the German Shepherd to the veterinary clinic of the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa . The animal was in critical condition and every second counted. The vets first took x -rays to assess the lesion and determine what to do next. Analyzing the footage, they concluded that it was possible for them to safely remove the knife .

This has indeed been done successfully , to the great relief of the healthcare team and, of course, of Gino Wensel .

At the end of the operation, the man and his dog were reunited . The video below, posted on the organization’s Facebook page, shows the reunion.

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Duke , the four-legged hero , therefore miraculously survived this attack and his story was the subject of numerous articles and reports through the South African media.


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