Dog diarrhea

The digestive system of Illustration : "La diarrhée du chien" and

dogs is particularly sensitive. For dogs, the slightest trauma may lead to diseases, including diarrhea.


symptoms of dog diarrhea, causes of diarrhea, what should we do in the case of diarrhea? Medical management

has a variety of events that may lead to dog and dog diarrhea. Fortunately, in most cases, this may be due to eating disorders, improper food intake or toxic substances, parasites or viral infections. Diarrhea lasts no more than a few days and eventually returns to normal in the animal digestive tract. This does not prevent his owner from tracking his condition and taking care of him to help him fully recover.

symptoms of dog diarrhea

a dog with diarrhea has a high stool frequency, especially soft texture and sometimes liquid. In the most common cases of mild diarrhea, this symptom is not accompanied by weakness, fever or other manifestations of the dog. He probably just threw up a few times. On the other hand, if animals with diarrhea have worrying symptoms (drowsiness, abdominal pain, etc.), they must be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The diarrhea of


dogs may be caused by various events such as stress, Ingestion of toxic substances, rapid dietary changes, intolerable food or excessive diet. The causes of viruses and parasites are also common.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. More about the causes of diarrhea eat intolerable food: some substances are eaten by dogs by mistake. Milk is a good example. The lactose contained in it is intolerable to the body of adult dogs, and adult dogs may have diarrhea after eating. Puppies are better protected from this problem because they have an enzyme called lactase that promotes the digestion of lactose. This enzyme disappears after weaning. Other foods may cause diarrhea in dogs, such as meat waste. Sudden dietary changes: the dog’s digestive system needs time to adapt to the new dietary pattern. For example, when a dog enters a new family, the food may change. The transition from one diet to another must be gradual. For example, it is suggested to mix the old and new food with the animal food and gradually reduce the proportion of the old and new food. Parasitic infection: internal parasites may develop in the dog’s digestive system and cause disease. That’s why regular insect repelling is so important: monthly to 6 months old, and then once or twice a year. Anthelmintic treatment will eliminate and prevent the development of worms and intestinal parasites. Viral infection: many viruses can cause digestive disorders and diarrhea in dogs. Most of these viral diseases, such as Plaza disease and parvovirus disease, can be treated. Only veterinarians know what vaccines to give animals. Poisoning: the direct or indirect environment of dogsThe EU has no potential toxic substances. Especially because animals are often curious and like to taste anything. For example, laurel and other plants are like this. Their compounds stimulate the digestive tract and cause diarrhea. What about diarrhea?

usually recommends that dogs eat a water-based diet within 24-48 hours to slowly recover their digestive system from the trauma leading to diarrhea. A water diet means stopping feeding the dog, but giving it a small amount of water. You can also give the dog some rice and water. This will restore their digestive system.

animals will gradually return to normal diet until their stools return to normal. In case of fever and physical weakness, it is best to consult your veterinarian.


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medical management

veterinarians may prescribe different treatment methods according to the source and severity of diarrhea. If the diarrhea is caused by a bacterial infection, the veterinarian can also decide to give him antibiotics. For example, in the case of acute diarrhea in puppies, body fluids can be supplemented by oral administration or infusion. “

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