Frightened by a hailstorm, a female dog runs away and survives alone in the bush for 6 months

Judy Price / ABC

Xena’s owners were both happy and surprised at the return of this dog, who had vanished 6 months earlier. She returned home as mysteriously as she escaped. For his family, it’s a miracle

A female dog returned to her masters 6 months after escaping and living alone in the bush, ABC reports. It was Judy Price , the animal’s former owner, who recounted this incredible adventure.

It all started with a sudden and violent hailstorm that hit the Lockyer Valley region , in Queensland (North-East Australia), in November 2020. Panic, Xena , female Maremma Shepherd Dog and from Abruzzo, 3 years old, had fled at full speed.

Judy Price / ABC

The disappearance came two weeks after the adoption of Xena and her sister Hera by a family living in Mount Forbes . Judy Price and her husband, who live near Grandchester , had, in fact, had to make the painful decision to separate.

Judy Price / ABC

We had 32 hectares with sheep and cattle, we were spending huge sums of money to feed all the animals on the farm, ” says Judy Price . A period of drought had weakened their operation, then the Covid-19 pandemic worsened the situation.

We didn’t want to sell them. We just wanted to find them a good home together, ”continues the farmer. She and her partner had no other choice.

Xena therefore lived with his sister Hera and 3rd dog of the same breed with their new owners before running away. Extensive research had been carried out, but to no avail. The dog could not be found.

Until Friday May 28 at dawn. That morning, around 3 a.m., his owners were awakened by the barking of Hera and their other Shepherd of Maremma and Abruzzo. When they went out to see what was going on, they found it hard to believe their eyes; Xena was back.

Emaciated and exhausted, but very much alive

The dog had lost weight, appeared exhausted, and her dress was dirty and matted, but she was alive and well with no injuries. Her family immediately gave her food and covered her with hugs, while her 2 congeners made her party.

Soon after, Xena’s owners called Judy Price with the great news. She was just as surprised to learn it, especially since her former 4-legged friend is rather fearful. She is especially afraid of loud noises, hence her running away. This, however, did not prevent her from surviving for so long in difficult conditions.

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Judy Price / ABC

Xena had to be taken to the vet for a full checkup. Judy Price hopes this story will help those who have lost sight of their pets to have hope. </p

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