Dog tooth problems

Illustration : "Les problèmes dentaires chez le chien"

we brush our teeth and go to the dentist regularly, but this does not always completely protect us from dental diseases. Our dog friend’s teeth are not taken good care of. The dental problems affecting our dogs must be solved as soon as possible to avoid complications.


plaque and tartar periodontal disease pus overflow caries is best to prevent rather than treat

bad breath and red gums, Excessive saliva and loss of appetite are one of the main symptoms warning dogs of tooth problems. Their teeth are as vulnerable to all kinds of diseases as we are. Therefore, protecting their teeth is the key to prevent them from suffering a lot. Let’s review the common dental diseases, prevention and treatment of dogs.

plaque and tartar

plaque is one of the most common and serious threats to our dog’s dental health. It is a sediment composed of bacteria, food residues and animal saliva. Through accumulation and mineralization, it produces tartar. The latter can cause various symptoms, such as gingivitis (gingival inflammation), which makes it necessary for veterinarians to remove the scale.

periodontal disease

the same kind of tartar can promote the development of periodontal disease, Especially when it accumulates between the chin and the deep structure of the teeth.

receives suggestions from woopets through a registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Therefore, abscesses may form, thereby increasing the proliferation of bacteria. Severe periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, pain, inability of dogs to chew food correctly, gum bleeding, and even heart, liver and kidney infections. In the least severe cases, tooth extraction and antibiotics can solve the problem.


tartar, irritants and bone stuck on the chin may cause pus to flow into the mouth. We’re talking about suppuration. White deposits on the edges of teeth and gums, bad breath. In this case, the veterinarian will prescribe antibiotic treatment.


dogs with caries development will feel very painful. It was difficult for him to eat correctly. He began to lose weight. Care should be taken as soon as possible because dental caries may also cause pulp inflammation (pulpitis) or affect the crown. In general, veterinarians pull out dental caries to prevent recurrence.


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prevention is better than treatment

to prevent dogs from being exposed to these dental diseases, The main preventive measure is to check his mouth regularly in order to respond quickly when any of the above symptoms are found. Proper diet, regular brushing and descaling can reduce the risk of tooth problems. Brushing teeth is a nursing method that animals should be used to since childhood.

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