The adorable video of a bitch and a duck become the best friends in the world

Although they are of different species, some animals get along wonderfully and sometimes form an exceptional friendship forever. This was the case with Fern, a dog, and Dennis, a duck.

When they brought the ducks home, Sarah-Jayne Little and Sam Leadly didn’t expect to witness an extraordinary friendship. One of the birds quickly became attached to their young dog. The duo have forged an exceptional bond from day one. Fern was not interested in any of the other 3 ducks, only Dennis got his full attention.

The bitch and the duck have become inseparable

The 2 animals like to meet up every day to cuddle and have fun. “ The first thing Dennis does in the morning is pick up Fern. If she’s not with us later today for whatever reason, you can tell he’s disappointed,Sarah-Jayne Little said .

The canine is also very protective of Dennis . Fern watches over him when he swims in the pond.


This beautiful friendship does not fail to make the couple smile, happy that their beloved animals are thriving together. The 2 friends will never let each other down and live the best moments of their life next to each other.

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