Woopets tested the Amibot Animal Premium H2O robot vacuum: say goodbye to hair and hello to clean floors

Autonomous, programmable and efficient, this special pet hair vacuum cleaner designed by Amibot allows you to have impeccable floors. We tested the Animal Premium H2O on our premises and with our dog Oria, a female Australian Shepherd.

When you have a dog or a cat , you can not leave anything to chance when it comes to hygiene . Between the hair and debris left by our pets, the interior can quickly become covered with impurities, turning into unsanitary ground both for them and for all members of the family. Ridding floors of hair and cleaning them are not the easiest jobs, nor the most pleasant. Vacuum cleaners provide a significant help in this area, but 100% efficiency is not always achieved for various reasons: having to handle them yourself and making sure to cover all surfaces, some obstacles and difficult angles. to be treated, etc.

It is taking these aspects into account and in a constant search for maximum performance that the AMIBOT Animal Premium H2O robot vacuum cleaner has been developed. Its design has been specifically designed to offer optimal results in terms of vacuuming dog and cat hair and cleaning the floors . Elected product of the year 2019 , it is equipped with advanced technologies both for its travel and for cleaning.

Obviously, we could not just consult the technical sheet of the AMIBOT Animal Premium H2O robot vacuum cleaner to form our own opinion; we tried it on the premises of Woopets , under the watchful and uncompromising eye of our Australian Shepherd

Product discovery

Let’s start with the product packaging, which we found sober and well thought out. Practical and well compartmentalized, it contains, in addition to the vacuum robot:

  • 9 sachets of concentrated detergent of 16 ml each
  • 2 spare brushes (one left and one right) in addition to those already in place
  • 1 spare cloth
  • 2 spare dust filters
  • the remote control
  • the box through which we can set up a virtual wall . This makes it possible, in fact, to determine an area of the room to which the vacuum cleaning robot must not access.
  • the notice / booklet in French .

The remote control

Deep washing of floors

Optimal suction of dog hair

So the floor washing mode won over us – our Aussie included – but what about the vacuum mode? It is all the same the primary function of this vacuum robot. Well we weren’t disappointed either.

Thanks to its central animal rubber brush , as well as its “Pure Power” and “SenSitive” technologies, no hair can resist the passages of the device. Debris and dust are also meticulously sucked into the 600 ml tank , for a surface coverage of up to 200 m2 .

The AMIBOT Animal Premium H2O robotic vacuum cleaner methodically follows its route, sucks up any hair on its way, then once its work is finished, automatically returns to its charging base. It fills up its 2600mAh Lithium battery in 6 hours .

Here it is in action:

Cutting-edge technologies and practical modes

It is a real concentrate of technology that we had the opportunity to test. With its integrated gyroscope and its “IntuitiVe Navigation” system, it treats the entire surface by performing perfectly managed movements . His ability to circumvent even the most complex obstacles also convinced us.

In addition, it is possible to delimit a part of the room not to be cleaned by means of the dedicated box, which is very easy to use. This is the Mapping mode , in addition to this one, the AMIBOT Animal Premium H2O vacuum and scrubber robot offers 4 others:

  • Auto : it analyzes the surface itself and runs along the walls to crisscross the area to be cleaned and it cleans it entirely
  • Spot: moves in a spiral shape to concentrate its suction, a preferred mode for cleaning a specific very dirty area.
  • Edge : ideal for washing along walls
  • Max : for floors with a large amount of dust. This mode increases the suction power of the robot

It’s up to you to choose the one that will meet your daily needs.

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Our verdict : the test of this Animal Premium H2O AMIBOT robot vacuum cleaner definitely led us to adopt it , especially since our 4-legged friend approved it without being afraid of it. If you have one or more dogs or cats at home, it will be a valuable daily hygiene ally for you, while sparing you the major debauchery of effort associated with cleaning. It will help you keep your home cleaner for longer.

Where to buy: Amibot robot vacuums are available in most major brands and distributors of household appliances (in store or online). For example, you can find the one we tested at Boulanger, Darty, Conforama or even Amazon and even on the official Best Of Robots store for a price of around € 300 . Here is the complete list of stores that sell Amibot robot vacuums.


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