Two Norman companies join forces to help a cat stuck for two days at the top of a tree

In Calvados, a cat got stuck in a tree, several meters high, for 2 days. It was finally saved by 2 local companies who mobilized their teams on a voluntary basis.

Laura Jeanne , who lives in Barbeville (14) with her companion and their 2 and a half year old daughter, was desperately looking for help for her cat Gribouille . The latter was, in fact, stuck 6 meters high in a tree near her home, as reported by La Renaissance .

She appealed to this effect in a Facebook group, explaining in her post that the firefighters had not come and that the situation had already been going on for 2 days . A publication seen by the wife of Jean-Gery Vimard, who is head of a company for maintenance of roofs located in the town near Saint-Martin-des-Entrées. As soon as he found out, he contacted a colleague , Benjamin Michel , manager of the company BM Couverture , and both agreed to intervene free of charge in order to help the animal in distress .

Arrived on the scene this Monday (November 23, 2020), the employees of the 2 companies made a first attempt using a large scale . However, the cat, seized with panic, took refuge even higher in the tree. They then carried out a new test , but with a higher scale . This time, they were able to reach it and grab it . Gribouille was also at the end of his strength and could not go any further.

Between the arrival of the teams of Jean-Géry Vimard and Benjamin Michel and the recovery of the feline, 2 hours have passed in total. As much time that these companies and their staff devoted without any compensation to this rescue .

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Laura Jeanne expressed her gratitude to them . “ The intervention was really perilous, they risked their lives to save our cat, we can never thank them enough ,” she told La Renaissance .

Gribouille’s little runaway ended well, thanks to this great mobilization .


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