These Chihuahuas without front legs get the perfect gift for normal movement (video)

Helping any animal shouldn’t be trivial. Thor and Turbo, 2 dogs born without front legs, had the chance to taste human generosity. Their lives have been forever changed.

Thor and Turbo are the therapy dogs of a veteran, AJ , with post-traumatic stress disorder. As they supported him throughout his recovery, the ex-US soldier decided to help them in return.

AJ and his partner, Ashley , wanted more than anything to give their beloved companions a better life. This is where prosthetist Derrick Campana from Bionic Pets came into play.

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Chihuahuas learned to move around using the prosthesis

With a pair of missing limbs, the adorable Chihuahuas did not have the opportunity to move normally and easily, like their peers. So the company did an act of kindness: it replaced their missing legs with wheels.

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Each now has its own miniature cart, adapted to its size. The plastic parts were comfortably tied under the dogs.

Thor quickly got used to his new accessory. Turbo , meanwhile, was a bit reluctant at first. According to the website, he did not dare to leap forward like his comrade and did not seem to fully understand how the device worked. But over time and with a little patience, the Chihuahua finally started to move using 2 wheels.

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Today, Thor and Turbo circulate here and there, to the delight of their families. The latter is happy to watch them flourish day after day.

The story is reminiscent of Kanga and Roo , siblings of the same race, suffering from a birth defect depriving them of their front limbs as well. Although they are disabled, they were adopted by a caring couple who did everything to improve their living conditions. A bet that their adoptive parents have succeeded with flying colors.


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