A dog that fell from a viaduct relearns to walk courageously

Falling from an overpass, a dog injured his front paws, but he is slowly learning to use them again in the hope of getting back to walking. The volunteers who take care of the canine work hard to help him and hope to find him a loving family.

A dog is recovering from a terrible fall on a Texas highway and is relearning to use his injured paws, the San Antonio News reported on Sunday, September 12.

Yesterday, the Facebook page of the Houston K-911 association , which had taken charge of him after the incident, gave reassuring news of the quadruped victim of a fall, which occurred last week. This had taken place in Montgomery County, in the southeast of the state of Texas.

The animal, who was called Hitch by his rescuers, was noticeably doing better, although his paws were still swollen. He had fallen from an overpass at US Route 59 , falling from a height of 6 meters. The Houston K-911 team was contacted immediately by witnesses who witnessed the sad scene.

Volunteers quickly arrived at the scene and took Hitch to the nearest veterinary clinic, Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital in College Station in this case.

Constant care and physiotherapy sessions

The dog had broken front legs. He has been treated and continues to receive physiotherapy sessions to help him strengthen his limbs and regain his mobility.

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Anna Barbosa , manager of Houston K-911 , says she hopes Hitch will recover to full capacity. She and her partners are with her at all times and have her regularly repeat the exercises. The goal is for him to get back to walking normally, before thinking about the next step; adoption.

Anna Barbosa has also launched an appeal for donations to help the organization finance its care.


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