Owner calls for help to keep dog alive amid drug shortage to treat canine epilepsy

Didier Lloret / Facebook

Epileptic, Falco the dog took Pexion tablets daily to prevent seizures. However, this drug has been out of stock since July in France. Without the treatment, his 4-legged companion is facing great health risks.

The last bottle of Pexion 400 owned by Didier Lloret , writer and owner of a Border Collie by the name of Falco , will soon be empty . However, this 10-year-old dog needs it because it protects him against the epilepsy he suffers from, as reported by France 3 Occitanie .

Didier Lloret gives him 2 tablets every day. The treatment is effective on the animal and has few side effects . Deprived of this molecule, the quadruped could be the victim of a crisis at any time. This could, moreover, lead to a fatal cardiac arrest for Falco .

The drug Pexion is only manufactured in Mexico . No other country in the world produces it, as Didier Lloret explains in the appeal for help he recently posted on Facebook (screenshot below). It has not been available in France since July .

The man called several pharmacies in the hope that they were found, but all told him that there was none left at all. France 3 Occitanie contacted others and got the same answer.

French laboratories will not receive new batches of Pexion before the end of November . Until then, Falco is in danger . Other treatments are available, but there are different forms of epilepsy to which they do not necessarily respond.

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