16 dogs traveling around the world with their owners

Dogs have had the leisure to travel with their owners and see the world. These photos illustrate their vacation memories.

Traveling with your dog can be one of the greatest endeavors an owner can do. Indeed, this constitutes a means of strengthening the bond with his animal as well as a relaxation for the dog. Enough to improve the well-being of his canine companion.

Here are 16 pictures of dogs on vacation.

1. Greece delights all its visitors with these summer colors

2. Thailand has found a new follower in this dog with a majestic posture

3. The Italian capital has been tried and approved by this dog with infectious enthusiasm

4. 2 Chihuahuas visiting Russia who fell in love with this bright red

5. A West Highland White Terrier who seems to be enjoying the Spanish breeze.

6. Morocco seduces all its visitors, starting with this dog who does not regret having taken the plane to get there.

7. The Colosseum in Rome also seduced this travel lover Fox Terrier

8. A lovely French Bulldog dog exploring Lake Canada

9. This English Cocker Spaniel traveling in Florence has something to make people jealous

10. This city of Prague is the scene of long walks for these dogs

11. A Shiba-Inu discovering Tokyo

12. A bitch discovering the great outdoors of the Grand Canyon

13. The Polish capital has its canine enthusiasts

14. Brooklyn has no secrets for this Yorkshire Terrier dog

15. 2 friends visiting their famous colleague Snoopy

16. These Weimaraners are the perfect fit for this graceful Italian town.


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