Phyto Véto the brand that relies on the naturalness and power of plants for the well-being of pets

Illustration : "Phyto Véto : la marque qui mise sur le naturel et le pouvoir des plantes pour le bien-être des animaux de compagnie" Illustration photo – © Phyto Veto

Food supplements, antiparasitics, dewormers and other wellness solutions for dogs and cats are offered by Phyto Véto. The young brand relies only on natural constituents for the development of its products.”

The adventure of Phyto Véto is that of 2 enthusiasts: Sylvie and Lionel. The first is a former nurse turned german Spitz breeder. The second is an engineer, trained in naturopathy and having launched a range of natural food supplements for humans. With the help of specialists (naturopath, veterinarians, phytotherapists, breeders…), they have therefore developed the Phyto Véto brand whose particularity lies in its offer of natural alternatives to classic animal products.”

Solutions for dogs, cats, but also horses are all based on plants and other natural compounds. These products concern diet, hygiene, joint problems, digestion, natural defenses, oral problems, urinary disorders, but also the fight against internal and external parasites.”

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Speaking of antiparasitics, such alternatives come at the right time knowing that in this season when temperatures are falling and we are starting to heat our homes, we offer a fertile ground for the development and transmission of fleas. Sprays, tablets and antiparasitic collars developed by Phyto Véto are without the use of chemicals. In their place, the brand relies on plant complexes (lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage, etc.), apple cider vinegar or oils. In short, all the best that herbal medicine has to offer our 4-legged companions.”

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