A senior dog with dysplasia falls into a ravine. Firefighters rush to his aid

Sampson is safe and sound, and has returned home after spending 19 hours stuck at the bottom of a ravine. The advanced age of this dog and his hip dysplasia prevented him from freeing himself and coming back up to find his master, who had to call for help.

In Glasgow in the state of Virginia (eastern United States), local volunteer firefighters rescued a senior dog that had found itself trapped in the rocks at the bottom of a steep ravine, WSLS reported this Wednesday July 28.

Details of the intervention, which took place the day before, were posted on Facebook by the Glasgow Volunteer Fire Department .

The rescue center had been alerted by the owner of said canine, who goes by the name of Sampson . He had explained to them that his pet was 15 years old and that he suffered from hip dysplasia. The dog was trapped in the rocks and did not have the strength to extricate himself from them.

In fact, the man had lost sight of Sampson for 19 long hours before he could locate him.

The Glasgow Fire Department sent a team to the scene. In the meantime, the master of the quadruped succeeded in clearing the stones that were holding him back. On their arrival, the firefighters began by lowering a stretcher to the location of the dog. They then installed and harnessed him there, proceeding slowly and carefully so as not to worsen his condition, before bringing him up to the path overlooking the ravine.

After a visit to the vet, Sampson was able to return home where he is recovering from his mishap.

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