A dog dangerously trapped below a river for 2 days

Corrie’s owners had been looking for him for 2 days, when they learned through social media that he was trapped by a river. For the dog and his family, the reunion was a great moment of relief and emotion.

A dog was found and saved at the last minute by his masters, the latter having lost his track the day before. The animal was trapped below a stream in Scotland, as reported by the Daily Record .

On Monday, June 14, John Smith was out for a walk with his dog Corrie , a 10-year-old Cairn Terrier, along the River Clyde in Uddingston . The duo briefly stopped when they ran into friends. While the 69-year-old was chatting with them, the quadruped took the opportunity to escape his surveillance and venture away from him.

Daily Record

John Smith lost sight of the dog and started looking for him all over the area, but Corrie was nowhere to be found. Desperate, its owner posted wanted notices on Facebook .

Spotted on time; the rising water level threatened Corrie

48 hours after her disappearance, Corrie was spotted by another walker who had heard her barking. He, in fact, discovered it stuck almost 2 meters below the bank of the Clyde . It was impossible for him to go up on his own. The passerby then posted a message on Facebook . The latter was seen by the daughter of John Smith , who lives in Madrid . She immediately contacted her father to let him know.

Without wasting a single second, the 60-year-old and his son Mark went there and did indeed find Corrie . With great effort, they managed to rescue him and bring him home. Apart from a leg injury from which he will recover, the dog is safe and sound.

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Daily Record

He was discovered just in time. “ The water level rose after the rain the night before, ” explains his master.


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