Dogs and snow: risk prevention

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exposure to snow is not without risk for our four limbs friends. It is important to protect them effectively before letting them play on the ice.

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pay attention to heat shock. What are the risks if he swallows snow? How to protect his cushion?

most dogs like snow. They like to run and jump in the snow, but it will bring some risks to their health: cold, vomiting, digestive problems and so on. Here are some precautions to ensure that they don’t have trouble going out in winter.

pay attention to thermal shock

dogs are vulnerable to thermal shock from the high temperature at home to the severe cold of outdoor air. The huge temperature difference, sometimes as high as 20 degrees or higher, will damage the animal’s body, resulting in various diseases. They may be respiratory.

the first step to avoid this problem is not to overheat the family (this is true for all people living there, including humans). The second problem is not to expose the dog to the cold outside, but step by step. For example, when a dog’s body adapts to a lower temperature, you can close it near a very slightly open door for a few minutes, and then play with it to warm it up before going out.

If the dog doesn’t have enough clothes to resist the cold, he can also be dressed. The next time you go out, you must carefully clean and dry your coat.

what are the risks if he swallows snow? When

evolved in the snow, dogs can voluntarily or unintentionally swallow a certain amount of

. Similarly, this poses a risk to their health.

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. Digestible dogs may get sick and show vomiting and diarrhea. The road of


is more dangerous after salinization, including urban maintenance services, Sprinkle salt to melt the snow and make the road usable faster. Large amounts of this substance can put dogs at risk; Salt poisoning is related to ion imbalance and may lead to severe dehydration. Then there was abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and, in the most severe cases, tremors and convulsions. In this case, our response is to replenish the water by drinking water to the animal, and then take him to the veterinarian for treatment to help remove the excess salt. How does

protect his pillow?

the cold and humidity of snow will also erode the legs of dogs, especially the cushions that directly contact the outside world and bear great pressure during walking, running and jumping.

can also be read: dogs’ response to cold

Itching and cracks may occur, causing severe pain and hindering the normal activities of animals. As prevention is better than treatment, it is recommended to protect the cushion with Vaseline or dog skin care oil before walking. In addition, in order to avoid the accumulation of packages or snowballs in these very sensitive locations, the hair between the pads should also be cut off. When you get out, clawsRinse with warm water and dry thoroughly.


dog slippers also provide good protection, but not all dogs can accept them because they may hinder their support. It is also important to make sure they are dry before taking them to dogs

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