The firefighters are trying to save a puppy left to itself in a pipe that was filling with water, 7 meters deep!

In New Zealand, a dog that fell into a conduit was rescued by firefighters. The rescue operation lasted an hour and a half.

Last Wednesday (August 26), during the afternoon, the Silverdale Volunteer Fire Brigade, based in Auckland , New Zealand, was called to intervene to rescue a dog in distress , reports the New Zealand site Stuff .

The animal in question, of the Bulldog type, had just fallen into a drain pipe 7 meters deep and 1.5 meters wide. The most worrying thing was that it was filling up with water , and the quadruped was therefore in danger of drowning in it . The conduit is, in fact, at the edge of a lake and is used to drain excess water when there is a flood.

The firefighters therefore quickly arrived at the scene, where the owner of the dog called Maerangi and his other dog were waiting for them. They had to act quickly not only because of the rising water, but also because it was approaching dusk . The darkness would have greatly complicated the rescue.

While the rescuers were preparing their equipment, the dog took refuge in an annex duct , which was not going to make their task easier. One of them, Colm Stephenson , went down first, but after 30 minutes of unsuccessful effort he must have risen to the surface because he was at risk of hypothermia .

His colleague, Sam Reinin , took over. About ten minutes later, the dog, who seemed to have understood that the firefighter was there to help her , finally decided to approach him. He was thus able to recover it and return it to his relieved master. The rescue lasted 90 minutes in total.

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