How would we dogs go through a teenage crisis? What this study indicates!

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A US study reveals that dogs go through pre-adolescence and adolescence accompanied by seizures, just like humans.

When a dog who used to be obedient starts ignoring orders , he may be going through puberty . Which means it’s only temporary.

Lucy Asher of Newcastle University is one of the authors of the study that led to these findings regarding the adolescent phase of dogs . She tells how this period is reflected in canine owners.

When they reach around 8 months, reports Sciencemag , the dogs no longer obey orders and their owners think they have failed in educating them. However, experiments revealed that this was only temporary.

During these experiments, the researchers observed German Shepherds , Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers who would become guides . A first observation when the puppies were 5 months and 2 e at the age of 8 months showed an order given by their teacher and another by a stranger, could not find the same answers.

Indeed, like humans, adolescent dogs do not respond to the call of familiar people but respond to strangers because there is a feeling of insecurity that turns against loved ones.

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There is another observation that has shown that signs of anxiety in puppies mean that they will reach puberty faster than other dogs. This phenomenon is also seen in girls, which is another common point between humans and dogs.

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