Batman exists! His mission: to help the stray animals he encounters!

Disguised as Batman, a man comes to the aid of animals in shelters by transporting them to their new, often distant, destinations.

Koko was very close to being euthanized , but she was saved at the last minute. The stray dog was collected from the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center , a shelter in Tampa , Florida, where residents who are not placed after a certain period of time are euthanized.

At one hour of the fateful moment, a foster family agreed to take care of Koko . Even better ; a few months later, a definitive adoptive family was found for the dog. Only problem, she lived in Gatlinburg in Tennessee, nearly 1000 km away.

This is where Batman came in. Wearing the costume of the famous batman, Chris Van Dorn flies to the rescue of dogs and cats in shelters through his organization Batman4Paws . He transports them to their new families , not reluctant to make very long journeys, as was the case for Koko . He drove for 8 hours to hand it over to his new masters.

I would say I’m just a middleman. The real heroes are the people who give these dogs a good home where they will be loved,Chris Van Dorn told The Dodo . He explains that he has had a real passion for Batman since he was a child, and that he started working with dog protection organizations since his family adopted an Australian Shepherd named Boots . The latter naturally became his Robin .

He also states that his disguise facilitates contact with the public and allows him to educate people he meets about adopting and welcoming pets.

The next step for Van Dorn will be to obtain the authorizations to transport the animals no longer by car, but by plane . He has, in fact, a pilot’s license .


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