This dog passed very close to death today comforts burn victims like him

Care More Animal Hospital / Facebook

Taka had miraculously survived a fire, but the accident left significant damage. Despite everything, he was strong and patient throughout his care and even became a therapy dog.

A little over a year ago, Taka had escaped the worst . In October 2018, says Metro , this 9-year-old Shiba Inu dog was in a house in Georgia (southern United States) when a fire broke out there. Taka was barely saved , but the flames did not spare him. The poor quadruped was badly burned in various places of the body and especially in the face.

He needed important and heavy care. Crystal Lesley , a veterinarian at the Care More Animal Hospital in the town of Martinez , made sure the dog received all the treatment and attention it needed. Operations followed and Taka’s state of health was gradually improving.

Crystal Lesley , who welcomed him to her home, along with her other dogs , after his hospitalization, finally decided to adopt him . But there was a problem; although gentle with humans, Taka did not get along at all with his peers . He had to go through the dog trainer box, but it was decided to go much further.

Indeed, thanks to Mandy Foster , founder of the Canine Training Project association , the Shiba Inu received training to become a therapy dog . An apprenticeship that he succeeded perfectly and which allowed him to obtain his certification last September, that is to say 11 months after the accident which had turned his life upside down.

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Today, Taka brings comfort to people who, like him, have bodies scarred for life by fire. By observing him, getting to know him and learning his story, they understand that they will always be able to overcome their tragedy and move on .

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