To properly celebrate his dog’s birthday, a man rents a giant billboard!

When we love, we don’t count. Maxx Chewning didn’t spend a lot of money when his dog was due to have his first birthday. He simply decided to rent a giant electronic billboard to let the whole city know about the event.

Maxx Chewning has received many messages of support and sympathy , but also criticism since posting his videoMy Dog’s First Birthday ” last November on YouTube. But the negative comments, the young man does not care . What matters to him is that he spent the most beautiful day of his life with Dood , his beloved dog .

Maxx lives in Sugar Land , Texas. The arrival of the Goldendoodle ( Golden Retriever and Poodle cross) in his life changed everything for him, as he tells The Dodo : “ Dood has truly brought happiness to my life. He is my best friend ”. The 2 friends are inseparable .

As his dog’s first birthday approached, he wanted to mark the occasion and make it big. He decided to rent a giant advertising screen for the occasion.

Roll on the 2nd anniversary of this dog who was treated to one of the most beautiful proof of love from her dad.

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