Moved by the state of these 3 Cane Corsos wandering in the mountains, she spends 1 month gaining their trust to save them!

Even if she did not know how she was going to proceed, a hiker who had come across 3 large dogs abandoned in the middle of the forest was determined to come to their aid. His patience paid off.

Almost 2 months ago, a young woman was hiking with her dog in the Angeles National Forest , California, when she saw 3 black figures in the distance. She then heard their barking . They were Cane Corso dogs.

The quadrupeds, 2 males and a female , were very thin . It was clear that they had been there for a long time. She had therefore decided to save them , even if the task was not at all easy, tells Animal Channel .

Each time they tried to approach, they would bark in an attempt to intimidate him or flee . Not at all discouraged, the hiker got into the habit of coming back to this place to leave food for them .

Since she knew that they would not approach them while she was there, she left a camera and left the place to follow them from a distance .

She continued like this until she was able to stay put without them leaving. The goal was to gradually accustom the Cane Corsos to his presence . After a month , she managed to lay a hand on one of the dogs. A few days later, all 3 started to eat from the palm of his hand . What moved her enormously, to the point of making her cry .

The dogs, whom she named Grace , Steve and George , were now ready to be rescued . 6 organizations took part in the operation, which went perfectly. The canines were entrusted to 3 separate shelters , where they are currently continuing their rehabilitation .

When they are ready, Grace , Steve and George will be offered for adoption .

Here is their rescue in video :

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