The new start of a former racing Greyhound with a unique smile

Because he could no longer take part in the Greyhound races, Ross was retired at only 3 years old and found himself in a refuge. Finding a new family for him was going to be tricky because of his physical peculiarity, but this dog and the volunteers who took care of him always remained hopeful.

It is, in fact, the peculiarity which characterizes this greyhound; he was born with what could be compared to maxillary prognathism. As a result, its top teeth are advanced and protruding. Out of the track, the quadruped has landed at the Cheshire Dogs Home in Warrington , in the North West of England.

The new life post-refuge and far from the Ross circuits

Relayed by the media and social networks, his story moved a lot of people. In search of the perfect family for Ross , the Cheshire Dogs Home team finally found him a master.

Chris Ferrell , 43, was able to meet him at the shelter and fell under his spell. He adopted it without hesitation.

The dog therefore now has a house and above all an owner who loves him and who is very patient with him. Ross does , in fact, still need time to adapt to his new environment. He must familiarize himself with these banal things of everyday family life, but which are totally foreign to him: the vacuum cleaner, the television, the stairs …

He is improving day by day and is doing very well today. His name is no longer Ross , but Dash . Chris Ferrell , in fact, chose to give it another name, because Ross was not really one. It was, in a way, the identification he wore when he took part in greyhound racing.

Dash isn’t the only one who feels good about this adoption. Chris Ferrell also takes advantage, he who was looking for a dog to help him overcome his mental problems. He couldn’t have come at a better time. The ties that unite them only grow stronger.

He was well treated … until his retirement from sports

If the master of Dash regrets that the latter had to go through the refuge, he insisted that he was rather well treated during his brief sports career. “ People have this misconception that racing greyhounds are abused, but that’s not true. His diet was exemplary. He was fed at BARF, ”says Chris Ferrell .

But what really matters to the 40-year-old is that his new friend is now happy and healthy.

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This is what we can realize by discovering his photos and videos on the Instagram account he devotes to him. A media coverage which has also earned Chris Ferrell many requests from brands, but the man politely declined all these offers. Instead, he suggests that they make a donation to the Cheshire Dogs Home .


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