Stubborn cockatoo learns to bark to become the dog’s best friend in the family

Rumble Viral / YouTube

Intrigued by the dog recently adopted by his family, a cockatoo would do anything to get his attention and become his friend. He even went so far as to learn to bark. The canine was not immune to it.

Brandy is a red crested Cockatoo female or Moluccan Cockatoo. Like all parrots of her species, she is very intelligent , curious and expressive .

The 31-year-old at the time the video was posted, so she had had time to learn a lot, including how to mimic the calls of other animals. This is, in any case, what this very funny and viral sequence shows on YouTube .

We see, in fact, Brandy getting to know the new dog of the family. This is Chou Chou , a Berger de Brie (also called Briard ). Canines of this breed can be recognized by their long, dense hair which hides their eyes . Moreover, a fringe is attached by his masters to allow Chou Chou to see without hindrance.

While he is quietly lying on the tiled floor, he is approached by Brandy who, guided by her curiosity and her desire to be her friend, tries out different strategies.

It first tries to arouse the interest of the quadruped by emitting beaks . Despite all his good will, this does not give the expected result. The bird then changes method.

Cockatoos are particularly good at reproducing sounds . Brandy did not deprive herself of this asset. She, in fact, decided to adopt a dog’s voice and began to bark . Barks which sound more like the barking of a puppy , but which had the merit of attracting Chou Chou ‘s attention.

Brandy’s efforts eventually paid off. The beginning of a beautiful friendship

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