He adopts a doomed dog just to give him the best days of the rest of his life!

No one wanted Thanos the dog because of his illness. Nobody except Luciano, who decided to adopt him to give him the possibility of ending his life in happiness and love.

Luciano Karosas , 21, lives in Berazategui , a city in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Some time ago, he decided to adopt a dog that did not have long to live because of a serious illness , as Unilad reports.

Thanos , who was called Coconut in the past, suffered from a large tumor on his head . The vets only gave him a few weeks of life expectancy . After the announcement of the diagnosis, the former masters of the quadruped had ended up throwing in the towel in the face of the heavy care that had to be provided. The animal was then passed from family to family, before ending up at the refuge . It was there that Luciano had met him.

He went to a veterinarian specializing in stem cell therapy , hoping for possible treatment, but the specialist explained to him that there was nothing more that could be done to save the animal.

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Thanos ended up dying alongside his friend Luciano , the only person who had chosen to accompany him to the end and say goodbye with dignity .


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