Élisa Pilarski case: will the results expected for August allow us to know more?

Support page for Elisa Pilarski / Facebook

Months after the tragedy, everyone, starting with the victim’s family, waits for the many gray areas around them to be finally cleared up. Part of the answers to these unanswered questions may lie in the results of DNA analyzes carried out on sixty dogs. They are expected in August.

On November 16, 2019, Elisa Pilarski , aged 29 and pregnant , was killed in the heart of the forest of Retz , about twenty km from Soissons in the Aisne. A discovery made by his companion Christophe Ellul . Curtis , an American Staffordshire Terrier , accompanied the victim that day.

The autopsy having established that the young woman had been bitten by one or more dogs , DNA samples had been taken from Curtis and the 4 other Amstaffs of the couple, as well as from the 62 hunting dogs of the Rallye de la Passion , part of which was at the scene on the day of the tragedy.

Samples whose results to date we are still waiting, including from relatives of Elisa Pilarski. The mother, Nathalie Pilarski , had come out of her silence last month to clarify certain things stated here and there about this sad affair. She had then expressed her conviction that Curtis could not be responsible for the death of her daughter. Christophe Ellul also thinks that he is out of the question and suspects the dogs of the venery society.

At the same time, doubts had been expressed around the origins of Curtis , imported from the Netherlands and who would have taken part in tests of bite .

In addition, a volunteer from the Beauvais SPA interviewed by Le Progrès gave little credit to the involvement of hunting dogs and wondered why help had not been called by the couple that day.

For his part, Curtis has been transferred to another shelter and has shown no signs of aggression for 2 months, according to La Voix du Nord .

Will the DNA results allow us to see more clearly? We will still have to wait before knowing it. Scheduled for the end of June, they will probably not be delivered before the end of August .

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Photo: Support page for Elisa Pilarski / Facebook

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