Confinement: a worrying trend of weight gain in dogs?

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Across the Channel, the weight gain observed in dogs following the confinement worries veterinarians. In question, the treats given in excess and the lack of exercise.”

The health crisis continues to reveal its collateral damage to our pets, especially in the UK. Facing an upsurge in dog theft since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Britons are also worried about the overweight observed in their canine friends and favored by the lockdown, as reported by I News.

The media cites the findings of a study conducted by the association Guide Dogs, which indicates that one in 3 dog owners attribute weight gain in the latter to the additional amounts of treats given during the lockdown.”

Up to 5 kilograms more in some cities of England

Whether it is cookies, kibble or chew bones, treats can as much please your dog as reward him as part of a positive learning. However, these treats should only be given to him in reasonable quantities, otherwise he may suffer from overweight and obesity-related diseases.”

Many dogs find themselves in this situation today, more than a year after the first lockdown was introduced in the UK. The observed average weight gain is quite concerning, as indicated by Guide Dogs’ research.”

In London and other major English cities, it reaches 5 kilograms. The lowest average increase in canine body weight is found in relatively less urbanised areas such as Yorkshire (North East) and East Anglia (East), where it is 2.4 kilograms.”

” A deficit of exercise and socialization

One in 2 dog handlers admits to having snacked more than usual during confinement, and extended this tendency to his pet. A quarter of dog owners say they have walked their dogs less during this period of isolation because of longer (home) working days.”

In addition, nearly one in 5 (19%) admits to no longer letting their dog play with others to respect distancing measures. This means that these animals may have suffered from a lack of socialization.” The problem with the lockdown is that we haven’t been able to get them to exercise as much as before, and human nature is to apologize to our dogs by giving them a little more [treats],” said Dr James Greenwood, a veterinarian who is a regular speaker at the BBC.

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If [the dogs] have not exercised and you have overfeed them, it is the worst thing, continues the specialist, who suggests in particular to set up an obstacle course at home using furniture or various accessories, as well as organizing flair research games. The goal is to get the dog to move, to appeal to his senses and intelligence to find his treat.”

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