During confinement this dog decided to behave like a human!

Brandon Ryan Rudowski

In Canada, a motorist witnessed a surreal scene: a dog walking upright, on its 2 hind legs. A little research on the animal confirmed that it did this naturally, without training.

Last week, a Canadian by the name of Brandon Ryan Rudowski was driving his car not far from his home when he encountered a surprising spectacle. As he tells The Dodo , several yards away on the sidewalk, a black dog was walking upright on its hind legs , like a human being.

The quadruped, converted into a biped for the blow, was kept on a leash by its owner, who followed him with a hurry. “ I’ve never seen this in my life! “, Said Brandon Ryan Rudowski , who took out his smartphone to film this amazing scene. He posted the video in question on Facebook Wednesday, April 1, and it was not a joke.

The Dodo did a little investigation and contacted a friend of the dog’s handler. The latter unveiled the name of the Poodle : Eli . She especially assured that his owner had never trained or forced him to walk in this way, that he did it systematically when he was excited . The rest of the time, the dog walks the most normally in the world, on all fours, like all his congeners.

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The photos below, obtained by the site from this person, indeed show that Eli likes this posture, to say the least, confusing.

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