His dog fled on the highway, this truck driver uses social networks to find him

Desperate after his dog ran away, a truck driver was finally able to see him a few days later thanks to a strong mobilization on social networks. The animal had been found by a motorist and taken to a veterinary clinic.

Chris Robinson is relieved; her dog Blue , who had been accompanying her in her truck since the age of 4 months, was found after a runaway that lasted several days, reports People .

The truck driver lives in North Carolina, but on June 9, he was in New York , driving his truck, to ensure a delivery. As always, his 2 year old Pitbull was by his side.


That day, after he had finished unloading the cargo, he had decided to take a break near a freeway in the Bronx . He opened the door and his dog took the opportunity to jump out of the vehicle and run away. Chris Robinson tried to catch up with him, but the quadruped was already too far away. His master looked for him everywhere, to no avail.

He had to return to North Carolina, and it was therefore with death in his soul that he was forced to leave the scene without his faithful friend. Chris Robinson’s fiancee Najee then posted a search notice and photos of the canine to a Facebook group dedicated to lost animals in Manhattan . This is precisely what led to a happy ending.

Found and taken to a veterinary clinic

One person had seen the post, shared overwhelmingly, and recognized Blue as she took the Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive expressway in Manhattan . She immediately stopped to retrieve the dog, before taking him to the local ASPCA veterinary clinic. The Pitbull received treatment there for injuries to the pads.


One of the facility’s employees also made the connection to the wanted poster published by Najee and was able to reach Chris Robinson to tell him the good news.


Blue was chipped before being returned to his masters on June 14, 5 days after his escape. They returned to North Carolina together.

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