A call for donations for the care of a dog in critical condition, abandoned on a road

Discovered alone on a road and unable to move, an abandoned dog was taken in by an association that is working hard to save him. Extremely thin and weak, he is not out of the woods yet and needs long-term care. The refuge launched an appeal for donations to finance them.

We have not yet found a name for a dog in very bad shape and abandoned on the road, the association having also launched a call for suggestions, but it is not the most important for the moment. The volunteers at the Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control shelter are mainly focusing their efforts around his care, because his state of health is still far from satisfactory, reported WANE 15 this Tuesday, July 6.

In a first post published Sunday on its Facebook page, the organization explained that a passer-by had discovered the animal in question on the roadway in Fort Wayne , in the state of Indiana. The dog was so thin and weak that he was unable to walk or stand. For the Animal Care & Control team , we are clearly dealing with a case of abandonment; the quadruped could not have ended up there on his own.

Since arriving at the refuge, everyone has been mobilized to help him go up the slope. Approximately one year old, the dog is probably a Beagle or Brittany Spaniel cross. It is subject to constant monitoring and treatment by volunteers.

The dog is doing better, but is not out of the woods yet

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In addition, the first examinations suggest that before being discovered, the dog was held in a cage or other narrow structure. It is still too weak to travel and its adoption is not on the agenda. It will probably take several weeks before considering placing it.

The Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has appealed for donations to help fund his care. The association also strives to collect as much information as possible about the circumstances of its abandonment.


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