Man gives heroic heart massage to stray Husky puppy choking on piece of sausage (video)

A passerby who discovered an inanimate puppy tried all first aid measures to revive him. His efforts were not in vain. This man’s heroic intervention saved a precious life.

The incident took place over a year and a half ago, on one of the streets in the Black Sea region of northern Turkey, as reported by Animal Channel .

That day, a man by the name of Omer Yilmaz was passing near a business, when the store manager stopped him. The latter had just discovered a stray puppy who looked very badly and had no idea what to do to rescue him.

The passer-by then stooped to the small dog, probably a Siberian Husky cross, and immediately began to try to resuscitate him . The young canine was hardly breathing and was completely still .

Omer Yilmaz gave her some sort of improvised chest massage , then realized that something was obstructing her airways . It was, in fact, a piece of sausage . He then put his fingers in the puppy’s mouth and managed to extract the food that was choking him. However, the animal had not yet regained consciousness.

The man resumed massages, then sprayed him with water . Then he gave her mouth to mouth . Finally, the puppy opened his eyes again and began to breathe again . A little groggy, he was installed next to the store and had time to come to his senses .

Here is the video of the rescue :

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