This Pitbull tied to a tree in the middle of the forest finds his freedom thanks to two benevolent joggers!

No one knows who decided to tie their dog to a tree in the middle of a forest, or for what reason. When a jogger saw the animal, he didn’t ask himself a question and immediately sought to help him.

Recently in New York State, a person was doing their usual jog around 9 or 10 p.m. when they heard a bark coming from the wood. The runner thought it was a dog accompanied by his handler and therefore continued his session, reports Animal Channel .

The next morning, he thought about this story again and decided to come back to the scene . He was heartbroken when he discovered a Pitbull dog tied to a tree . He then contacted New York Bully Crew , a local association. One of the organization’s dog trainers was, in fact, not far from the area and therefore hurried to get there.

Terrified , the bitch did not allow herself to be approached . The educator spent an hour and a half trying to gain her trust . He fed him and the animal began to relax . He took the opportunity to put a leash around her neck, then get her into his van.

Then it was Craig Fields , the founder of New York Bully Crew , who welcomed her to his home . On the first day, he took her for a walk. Little by little she understood that she could trust him. The next day, he stroked her with his elbow and not with his hand. He explained that he did this with every dog he first met, especially those who were beaten .

Craig Fields called her Llana . He continued to take care of her, then found her a family . Josh and Shannon Handler , who had another Pitbull named Ruck , adopted her .

Here is his story in video :

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