The incredible trick of this woman so that her dog does not get upset in her absence

We are all looking for a miracle solution to the sometimes destructive behavior of our dog in our absence. Collen took a long time to find her. Today, what this woman has put in place is working. Better, the results exceed what she could have imagined. His dog has never been so quiet in his absence.

How to occupy your dog when we are not there? Difficult to find an answer to this question that many owners ask themselves. What is more, the absence makes the dog nervous , anxious . In many cases, he even wonders if he has not been abandoned . So, his reaction can be multiple : moping in his corner, barking, or destroying everything in his path

A giant doll called Dolly

Collen , she found the trick. The key. Sara , his young dog, no longer shows any sign of anxiety in his absence. Because she feels protected . She feels a gaze fixed on her , even if it is fictitious. Because it comes from a model bought especially by his mistress to control the reactions of his dog.

Reactions that shattered Collen’s house. Sara barked, panted, chewed on furniture , and even hurt herself , like this time when she hit the door right on her nose . Even the tranquilizers, given by the vet , did not have the desired effect. Sara therefore had the genius to create a double, even if she was pessimistic about the chances of Sara falling into the trap.

Sara even slept on the bathroom floor

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This method will last as long as it takes . In any case, it gives encouraging results and allows Collen to go out for some shopping without being afraid of finding a home all turned upside down!


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