Labrador Retriever saves injured bird in his backyard and becomes his best friend

Upon discovering an injured baby bird on the ground, a dog rescued him and made his mistress come to his aid as well. The canine did not only save the bird from certain death. He has also become her best friend.

Hiro , a Labrador Retriever dog , and his owner Viviana Davila were relaxing in the garden of their home in Puerto Rico, enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

Something had caught the quadruped’s attention, however. On the ground, near the fence, a young bird was lying on the ground and appeared injured , reports The Dodo . Without wasting a single moment, Hiro approached the bird and began to lick it , as if to comfort it .

He then looked at his mistress insistently so that she understood that something important was going on. She then got up and walked in turn to Hiro’s new little protégé. Viviana Davila picked him up, being very careful not to cause him more pain, then wrapped him in a towel.

Subsequently, she took the bird to the vet , thinking he was sick . The latter explained to him that it was a Widow Conure , also called Widow Parakeet or Quaker Parakeet. After examination, he found that she was paraplegic . He believes that his disability is due to a violent trauma following his fall from the nest .

The vet added that his chances of survival in his natural environment were extremely slim , given his condition. Hiro therefore saved his life .

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Viviana Davila has decided to adopt her , to the delight of Labrador. She continued to take care of it and the bird gradually regained its strength . A beautiful friendship was born between the Widowed Conure, who is now called Hope , and the dog. They have become inseparable .


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