Herbs for taking care of dog joints

Illustration : "La phytothérapie pour prendre soin des articulations du chien"

old age, overweight, weakness and trauma can cause joint pain in dogs. Animals are difficult to endure pain and loss of activity, and need appropriate care to improve their daily life. Herbal medicine provides several solutions to our four legged friend’s joint diseases.

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what weakens a dog’s joints and makes them painful? These warning signals of joint diseases are the joint friendly plant

of dogs. More than one factor affects the joint condition of dogs. It is important to understand their warning signals in order to treat these diseases as soon as possible and adequately, especially through the use of plants. Let’s see how herbs can help dogs with joint diseases. What makes a dog’s joints weak and painful? One in five dogs of

is related to osteoarthritis like joint disease, not just elderly animals. They are affected by so-called primitive osteoarthritis, which is related to the gradual degradation of the cartilage covered on the joint bone with age. This degeneration is caused by other factors, such as deformity (dysplasia) and trauma, which is called secondary osteoarthritis.


joint diseases make it difficult for dogs to work every day. He gradually lost his ability to move, and the pain tormented him. These symptoms tend to worsen when the weather is cold.

the signal of these joint diseases

as mentioned above, dogs with joint diseases are no longer as active as before. He is more and more reluctant to run, jump and climb stairs because these actions will hurt his hips, back (spine), elbows, wrists and knees. It can also be seen in dogs with joint damage that it is difficult for them to stand up and recover from supine position.

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. They may even become irritable because they feel pain and depression because they can’t do something. Most treatments for joint diseases in dogs are designed to reduce inflammation and pain. In addition to traditional drugs, many of them have side effects, and herbal care can supplement them to reduce the dose.

herbal therapy for dog joints includes the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric. Its active substance curcumin can also be used to alleviate osteoarthritis in dogs. Rich in acetylsalicylic acid, its analgesic properties contribute to animal health.


are also devil’s claws in plants used to reduce dog joint pain. Also known as Harpagophytum, it is native to Namibia and the Kalahari desert and uses powder extracted from its roots.

licorice roots, alfalfa and St. John’s grass are also part of the herbal solution for treating dog joint problems.

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for the treatment of dog osteoarthritis and others for aromatherapy. That is, essential oils. Usually a mixture of essential oilsInflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis. The essential oils of Koryo, Scotch pine, rosemary, thyme and macadamia are full of hope at this level

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