He takes a shelter dog to a pet store and buys everything he touches there

A TV presenter invited a newly adopted dog to a pet store. His goal: to make this day the most beautiful of his life. And it wasn’t the first time he had helped a canine in need.

So last February, he took a dog from a shelter to a pet store and bought everything he touched . The episode was extremely successful and the media coverage of the animal in question allowed him to quickly find an adoptive family . The operation was such a success that Rocky Kanaka decided to repeat the experience with a bitch whose story touched him a lot.

It’s Freddie’s . She had been discovered on a garbage heap , suffering from multiple fractures , ill , with deformed legs and very thin . She also had double dentition (the milk teeth, not fallen, and the definitive ones overlapped), an anomaly that appears especially in Chihuahuas and other small dogs . Because of this, she could not eat properly. As soon as she was spotted, she was taken to a veterinary practice, operated on and treated. Subsequently, Freddie was entrusted to his foster mom Angela , who ended up adopting him permanently . It is therefore to celebrate this adoption that Rocky Kanaka invited her to his show. But the bitch was not alone.

She was accompanied by a much larger congener, Bosco , who was waiting to have his chance in his turn. Freddie and Bosco therefore walked the shelves of the pet store and chose their gifts . The bitch was first offered 3 models of baskets , placed on the floor, and selected one of them. She and her friend of the day then stocked up on bowls, toys , treats and many other gifts. Subsequently, they were taken to the park where they played until exhaustion.

Freddie found his new family at the end of this memorable day. There is no doubt that Bosco will also be adopted very quickly after this remarkable passage.

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