Forest fires in California: in front of the home of these masters, a dog waited for their return for a month

The dogs are unfailingly loyal. Madison’s story is another demonstration of this. The quadruped waited for nearly a month for the return of his family, who had hurriedly left their house when the forest fires approached. During this time, a volunteer took care of bringing him food and drink to allow him to survive.

Madison’s heroic and moving tale was reported by the K9 Paw Print Rescue organization’s Facebook page, along with testimony from a volunteer by the name of Shayla Sullivan . It was the latter who came to visit the dog daily and made sure he had something to eat and drink .

Madison’s family had to hastily leave their property in Northern California because it was threatened by the massive forest fires . Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to take the animal with her.

For nearly a month , Madison remained at the scene . He managed to escape the flames and was determined to watch over his masters’ house, ravaged by the fire. He has therefore never strayed from the property, remaining quietly lying in front of it, patiently awaiting the return of his family .

Its owners had to wait for the green light from the authorities to return to the disaster area. They finally got it and were able to retrieve their faithful 4-legged companion, who therefore remained alive thanks to Shayla Sullivan .

The series of forest fires raging in Northern California began last July. The 2 main fires were then the Carr Fire and the Mendocino Complex Fire . They picked up again in November due to strong winds that swept through the area, spawning the Woolsey Fire and the one featured in Madison’s story: Camp Fire . Fires that have claimed dozens of human and animal victims , destroyed huge areas of forest and devastated a large number of buildings and infrastructure.

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