Supported by his family, this dog with a rare disease struggles every day to live normally

Leia has a severe form of hip dysplasia and will not be able to lead a normal life if she does not receive adequate treatment. These are very expensive and involve a heavy operation. Her owner opened a kitty to raise the necessary funds and save the dog.

After making their diagnosis, vets told Mike Jupp that his dog Leia may never be able to live normally. This Cane Corso cross is, in fact, suffering from a severe form of hip dysplasia, which prevents him from running, walking without a leash or even playing with his fellows, as reported by the Mirror .

Due to this defect, Leia cannot be walked for more than 20 minutes a day. It also affects his daily life by the sharp pain it causes.

Mike Jupp , who lives in Littlehampton in the county of West Sussex (South of England), had discovered the problem his dog suffered when she was still a puppy. He had noticed that she showed signs of discomfort when she had to sit or lie down in certain positions.

A prize pool and a challenge to finance Leia’s care

Despite everything, the man is determined to help Leia have a happy and peaceful existence. She is taking treatments that relieve the symptoms somewhat, but to correct the abnormality and allow her to live like her peers, surgery is necessary.

Mike Jupp is also waiting for the next consultation to find out more, but the bitch will probably have to undergo a triple osteotomy of the pelvis (TOB). The operation and associated care comes at a high cost, and Leia’s master cannot handle it alone.

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