Dog protects infant from abusive babysitter and manages to warn its owners!

While he was usually calm and friendly, Killian the dog had a whole different attitude around the babysitter who looked after his masters’ baby. They ended up discovering the appalling truth behind the change in behavior of their brave 4-legged companion.

In September 2013, little Finn Jordan was 7 months old. Her parents had hired a 22-year -old babysitter , Alexis Khan , to babysit their child . She had been looking after the baby for 5 months when Benjamin Jordan and his wife noticed a very unusual attitude in their dog Killian .

The Labrador-Retriever / German Shepherd cross was not at all the type to be aggressive towards people, on the contrary. He was gentle with everyone except Alexis Khan . He had, in fact, started growling at her address and systematically placed himself between her and Finn , reported ABC News .

The parents had initially thought that the young woman was attacking the dog in their absence. They then placed a smartphone under a sofa to get audio recordings . They were shocked by what they heard afterwards: the child’s crying , the violence of Alexis Khan’s remarks towards him, who addressed him rudely , as well as noises reminiscent of slaps and jerks .

The Jordans immediately took their son to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, the child was in perfect health . They then alerted the local police , that of Charleston (South Carolina), who questioned the babysitter. She ended up confessing everything.

She appeared in court and was convicted of child abuse . She was thus sentenced to a 3-year prison term and registered in the file of people who mistreated children, which prohibited her from any professional activity with them.

Killian has been hailed as a hero by his family and the media. After that, he trained to be a psychiatric service dog .

Here is a report from Fox News about this story:

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