The benefits of having pets at work, confirmed by studies

Reducing stress and improving productivity are among the many virtues associated with dogs and other companions who share the daily life of employees in their workplace.

Dogs , cats and other pets have become increasingly common in the workplace in recent years. In a growing number of companies, we have understood that they have a lot to bring to employees, and therefore ultimately to organizations.

In these companies, the doors of the offices are therefore now wide open to these happy companions, whose positive impact on employees is confirmed by various studies .

They encourage exchanges and collaboration within teams

In the presence of dogs, employees would be in a better mood and therefore more inclined to collaborate with their colleagues.

This finding is corroborated by a study conducted by Stephen M. Colarelli , professor of psychology at the University of Central Michigan . According to her findings, animals help reinforce prosocial behavior in work groups.

This work confirms that pets are vectors of social bonds , since they encourage meetings, discussions, etc.

They help fight stress at work

Another study, carried out by the team of Professor Randolph T. Barker (Business School at the Commonwealth of Virginia University ), highlights the positive impact of dogs and cats at work, through their contribution to stress reduction. among employees.

According to this research, in fact, people who work with animals by their side have lower levels of cortisol. Cortisol which is, let us remember, the hormone linked to stress.

Playing with the dog, walking it , observing it or stroking it allows you to release tension and therefore to be in a better position to work .

They improve productivity

A study by British and Dutch scientists proves that regular walking prevents the phenomenon of declining cerebral blood flow , improves overall health and well-being . As walking a dog leads to walking and since employees who have the right to be accompanied by their animals at work can devote their breaks to these dog walks, they take full advantage of these benefits .

However, an employee in good health, comfortable in his skin and whose brain capacities are optimal is necessarily more creative and more efficient in his position.

In addition, as employees are ill less often, absenteeism rates for health reasons are reduced .

They are also happier

Dogs, cats and other pets also benefit from their presence in the office. Firstly, because their masters are by their side and therefore they do not suffer from separation anxiety .

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But also because these animals are entitled to all the attention they demand between games, caresses, treats (beware of excess!), Care and walks.

Without forgetting that their socialization is considerably reinforced thanks to these additional exchanges.

Taking your dog to work thus has many benefits that it would be a shame to miss out on. The benefits apply to everyone at the same time : the employees, the company and the animal itself </p

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