Great Dane does everything to comfort his partner with separation anxiety (video)

Unable to bear to be deprived of his mistress, a Great Dane loudly expresses his sadness every time she has to leave her home. However, he can count on the support of his fellow creature.

Separation anxiety is a disorder that is present in many dogs. The latter do not accept the absence of their masters and express it in different ways: incessant barking, crying, destruction of objects, cleaning accidents… Tofu is one of them.

In a video posted on The Dodo’s YouTube account and relayed by Animal Channel , Jordann , Tofu’s foster mother, recounts the experience she had by his side until his adoption. She also returns to the very strong bond that united him to his dog Zoot , as well as to a moving scene where she comforted him.

Tofu the Great Dane had been brought to a shelter by his former mistress, who explained that he was partially blind and deaf. He can, in fact, see with his right eye, but not with the left. He was then placed in foster care, that of Jordann , therefore.

The Dodo / YouTube

When he arrived home, he was very thin, weighing less than 45 kg, while the minimum weight for an adult male of this breed is 50 kg. The canine was also very shy and nervous. Gradually, thanks to the care and attention given by Jordann , but also the presence of his 3 other dogs, Tofu gained weight and was getting better and better emotionally.

He couldn’t shake his separation anxiety, however. This is what we can see in the report, which also and above all shows the comfort brought to him by Zoot , a female Great Dane adopted by Jordann , in those moments.

Zoot’s invaluable support

A scene filmed thanks to the surveillance camera placed in the room where Tofu and his best friend are installed. Their mistress had been away and, as always, the Great Dane was barking and crying towards the door to express his unhappiness.

Meanwhile, Zoot would lie quietly on the floor and wait for Tofu to do the same. As soon as he did, the dog hastened to lay her head on him, which calmed him immensely.

Jordann got very attached to Tofu and would have liked to keep him, but it would have been impossible for her to continue caring for 4 dogs, all of them large. Fortunately, a loving family has been found for the quadruped.

The Dodo / YouTube

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It recently joined its new owners, who called it Yeti , and is adapting perfectly to its new surroundings. Jordann regularly checks in on his former protégé and says he’s happy to know him in good hands.

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