Dog jumps off train and travels 200 km across Siberia to find owners

While on her way to her new owners, a young dog escaped the train and headed for the town where the person who adopted her lives before deciding to part ways.

As reported by The Siberian Times , a one-year- old female dog traveled alone 200 km to return to her adopted family , who had yet chosen to separate . His journey touched many people via social networks and the country’s media.

She goes by the name of Manora , or Maru for close friends, and is a young Bullmastiff . Like all dogs of this breed, she is extremely courageous and loyal . She proved it last July. Born in a breeder named Alla , she was then adopted by an inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk , in the south of Russia (eastern Siberia). Unfortunately, the latter ended up making the decision to return it to Alla , claiming to be allergic to it .

Maru was therefore taken on a train to Novosibirsk (Western Siberia) to join her very first family, but when the latter stopped at a station still far from the destination, the dog managed to open a door in kicking it. Despite attempts by the staff of the railway company, the animal was able to escape to disappear into the surrounding woods, when it was already dark.

As soon as he heard the news, Alla launched the research , using social networks in particular. It was only two and a half days later that Maru reappeared 200 km further , very close to Krasnoyarsk and the home of her former owner who no longer wanted her.

With injuries to her paws and jaw , she might not have survived her incredible journey, as bears and wolves live in the area. Picked up by Alla , Maru continues to receive the care she needs.

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